Part 6 – Value Proposition

Now that we know why we should make a marketing plan, it is important to create a value proposition that could highlight the advantages of  using Mainlis. What is a value proposition ? A value proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver to customers should they choose to buy their product. A value... Continue Reading →

Part 5 – My competitors

Mainlis has two types of competitors that I will present below. On one hand, we have competitors that offer the same kind of opportunities and on the other hand, we have competitors that are completely different than ours but that use all our potential users' free time so they don't have enough time available to... Continue Reading →

Part 3 – WHO are my customers ?

User Personas I have 3 different user personas for Mainlis: Mary, Student John, Graphic Designer Catherine, Community Manager, 2 Children Post-it exercise My different user personas have specific needs that my app can solve. With this post-it exercise, it is easier to see if it exists some similarities between them to find the perfect user... Continue Reading →

Part 2 – WHAT is my offer ?

In this article, I will talk about my offer which is the application I created during the last term. If you want more information about this project, you can see its summary just here. Mainlis is an application about books. You have 4 different libraries available (finished/in progress/to read/wishlist) to make an inventory of all the... Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Introduction

For my last term at the Dublin institute of Design, I have to make a Marketing Plan about my previous app project from the term 2. You can find here an article that summarizes my experience about creating an app that responds to a specific frustration. What is a Marketing Plan From wikipedia: A marketing plan is... Continue Reading →

Graffiti Map – Development

Development In the first article, I talked about how I would divide my mockup in components for my app. Basically, I had 6 main parts: 1. HEADER: with the logo and a <h1> for the name of the application 2. GRADIENT: An animated gradient with the colors of the logo 3. APP: the main part... Continue Reading →

Graffiti Map – React and APIs

For this term, I had to create an application based on a choice of API. I also had to use React to build my code. React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”. Because of... Continue Reading →

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