User Personas What is a User Persona ? A User Persona is the description of a fictitious user that represents a group of people who use our website/application. It helps us to take decisions to improve our website, according to our users behaviour and expectations. It take into consideration different aspects of our activity to create... Continue Reading →

Empathy Map

Empathy ? First, it is important to know what empathy means: Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. (Oxford dictionaries) Empathy is really important to understand our users. It is impossible to develop an efficient website without sharing users feelings. We have to take into consideration their actions and reactions to... Continue Reading →

User Testing

What is a User Test ? User testing is a simple and efficient way to discover problems that need to be solved on our website. It involves making notes of the user behaviour while he is executing tasks we asked him for. What do we need ? To realise an efficient user test, we just... Continue Reading →

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