Graffiti Map – Development

Development In the first article, I talked about how I would divide my mockup in components for my app. Basically, I had 6 main parts: 1. HEADER: with the logo and a <h1> for the name of the application 2. GRADIENT: An animated gradient with the colors of the logo 3. APP: the main part... Continue Reading →

Graffiti Map – React and APIs

For this term, I had to create an application based on a choice of API. I also had to use React to build my code. React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”. Because of... Continue Reading →

Spotify Artist Battle – Sketchbook

Introduction To create a Spotify Artist Battle App, I made research, user personas, a brainstorming and a mood board. It helped me to create a logo for my app and finally wireframes. I ended making a prototype of my idea to see if it worked properly. Spotify Artist Battle App Users Behaviour     Spotify... Continue Reading →

UX Problem : Maì.com – Prototypes

Digital Prototype To see if the solutions work well together, I made a quick digital prototype using the website : In Vision App. Click here to see my prototype. It is a very simple looking prototype that presents the modifications I made to include all of the solutions found to improve the user experience. It is a... Continue Reading →

UX Problem: Maì.com – Decision Matrix

Our UX issue translated in users behaviour To identify the UX problem, I asked questions to different types of users. It has emerged a  general opinion about the problem of the sold out products. It is impossible to drastically increase the quantity produced. So, I have to change the users behaviour and feeling when they... Continue Reading →

UX Problem: Maì.com – Empathy Map

Empathy Map: a New Visitor During the user test from the previous article, Lucien discovered the website Maì.com. He is a new visitor and didn't know anything about this company. He discovered the brand because of the test and he gave me his opinion about that. Actually, Maì.com is a really simple and efficient website... Continue Reading →

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