Spotify Artist Battle – Sketchbook

Introduction To create a Spotify Artist Battle App, I made research, user personas, a brainstorming and a mood board. It helped me to create a logo for my app and finally wireframes. I ended making a prototype of my idea to see if it worked properly. Spotify Artist Battle App Users Behaviour     Spotify... Continue Reading →


UX Problem: Maì.com – Proposal

To finish the project, I'll resume everything in a power point presentation. This kind of medium is very helpful to describe a complete process before presenting the final idea that is born from all the research work.

UX Problem : Maì.com – Prototypes

Digital Prototype To see if the solutions work well together, I made a quick digital prototype using the website : In Vision App. Click here to see my prototype. It is a very simple looking prototype that presents the modifications I made to include all of the solutions found to improve the user experience. It is a... Continue Reading →

UX Problem: Maì.com – Decision Matrix

Our UX issue translated in users behaviour To identify the UX problem, I asked questions to different types of users. It has emerged a  general opinion about the problem of the sold out products. It is impossible to drastically increase the quantity produced. So, I have to change the users behaviour and feeling when they... Continue Reading →

UX Problem: Maì.com – Empathy Map

Empathy Map: a New Visitor During the user test from the previous article, Lucien discovered the website Maì.com. He is a new visitor and didn't know anything about this company. He discovered the brand because of the test and he gave me his opinion about that. Actually, Maì.com is a really simple and efficient website... Continue Reading →

UX Problem: Maì.com – Research

Information "Maì aims to provide you with unique pieces that are handmade with love; from precious jewellery, to one-of-a-kind pots, Maì will have the accent you are looking for. " - Maì.com, "About" section. Maì is a family business that is growing and it gives the possibility to join the team. The company doesn't offer... Continue Reading →

UX Problem: Maì.com

Maì.com This website offers handmade products made by Marzia Bisognin and her family. She creates different types of articles such as pots, prints and jewelleries. She makes creative products liked by a lot of people. There are 71,1k of followers on the Instagram of the shop.     (Update: 73k, 10 hours later.) What UX Problem should... Continue Reading →

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