Calm Technology to Create a Website

In the State of UX in 2019, the 4th point id about "Designing for less". It highlights the principles of the Calm Technology by Mark Weiser’s paper “Designing Calm Technology” from 1995. To illustrate the concept of calm tech, I will use the Arran Street East website. Principles of Calm Technology 1. Technology should require the smallest possible amount... Continue Reading →

Web Summit 2018 – Tomorrow’s websites

"Technology is turning upside down everything we thought was certain about work, society, politics and life itself on our little planet." - Paddy Cosgrave Web Summit is the largest technology conference in the world. Created in 2010, it has grown really fast and this year, more than 70,000 people went to Lisbon to be present... Continue Reading →

Consumer Behaviour & Shop Functioning

To understand how the consumer perceive and interact with a small brand, I decided to spend some time in the shop Arran Street East which is a pottery studio shop. I chose this shop because they made hand-made pots from a small collection.       There is also just a few articles displayed on the shelves, so... Continue Reading →

Creating an Online Store

In this section, I will publish articles about my researches to learn how to create an online store. It is a project that I intend to set up at the end of my studies. So, I would like to prepare myself before the creation of the first mockups of the site. In this first article,... Continue Reading →

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