Part 8 – When (my customers’ journey)



It is pretty easy to know when to promote Mainlis on Goodreads. It is an application to read books so as soon as users open this application, they would need to download Mainlis.

Social Networks

Such as Goodreads, users have to see our ad as soon as they open social networks, but not for the same reasons.

Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are competitors to our brand. When users spend a lot of time on social medias, they sacrifice time reserved to read.

So we need them to download Mainlis and grab a book instead of watching many videos and tweets.


This campaign is easy to organise. We don’t need to be visible during specific times in a day or a week. We don’t need special events to promote our app. And finally, we don’t need to target ages or jobs.

We just want to attract people, from all the ages, with completely different goals, at any time. We just need them to (want to) read books.
Some of them already read a lot and the others need to be encouraged to use their free time more efficiently. 

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