Part 7 – Where (channels my customers use)

Now that we have our value proposition, it is important to know where to communicate about our application.

Knowing our target

For now, we don’t have any user. So we can’t have real results about what kind of platforms our customers would use.

So, it is important to analyse our user persona to understand our potential users behaviour.

1) Tools

We created an application that works on a smartphone, so it seems pretty easy to know that our potential users have necessarily this kind of technology.

Mainlis is also an app adapted for all the kind of readers. So it is very important to take into consideration all the different media:

  • Books


  • e-books reader


  • Audible


2) Softwares

So we know that all of our potential users have a smartphone. So it is interesting to see the common behaviour of people when they use their phone.

In a video provided by our teacher in class, we learnt that people spend more than 1 hour 30 minutes on social media per day.
This amount of time could be enough to free some moments to read books.

After that, I found an online article that presents what social media are used by people:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Capture d’écran 2019-05-10 à 02.33.48.png

Each social media has its own needs:
Facebook: Picture/Videos + Text
Youtube: Video
Instagram: Picture/Video + Text
Twitter: Picture + Text

3) Selecting social media according to our needs

It is important to know which social media are the most used to know where we can attract the most of users.

If we check again our value proposition, we can see that the main goals are :
– To encourage people to read more books rather than spending time on their phone
– To present Mainlis like a motivating and helpful application for readers.

The idea here is to replace the time spent on social media for reading moments.

So actually, it would be interesting to target all the main social media to inform as many users as possible about Mainlis.

Thus, being present on the 4 different social media seems to be the best option to correctly promote the application.

Social Media according to the age

Mainlis is an application for everyone from every age that want to read books.

Some social media are very popular but used by specific ranges of ages.
Facebook for example seems to be more and more used by older people and Instagram seems to be appropriated for younger users.

The age is not a criteria in Mainlis campaign. The main and unique point is to assemble as many people as possible to encourage them to leave their application to download Mainlis. So the idea is to select the most popular applications, all ages included.

A very competitive campaign

We saw in this article that we have two different types of competitors. The direct ones and the time-consuming ones.

All of these competitors have sponsored posts available. 

So, for this marketing plan,  I decided to include all of them. The idea being to attract as many users as possible.

Actually, it exists very close links between the channels my customers use and my competitors. Facebook, Instagram and the other popular social networks consume a lot of my potential users free time. So, the channels that they use the most become my competitors because I want them to use this same time on my application.

I will publish a advertising on all my competitors applications to attract users during their free time, while they are using these different applications.

So as said above: I will publish on the 4 most popular social media + on Goodreads that has its own advertising system. And it will be very important on this last app to present in details what advantages has Mainlis in comparaison to Goodreads.

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