Part 12 – Story board of the Ad

In the part 11 of this project, I presented the website to promote Mainlis.

In this website, I decided to add a video to illustrate the concept of my application.

It is a video that lasts a little more than 1 minute to make the website more diversified and interesting to watch.

This video can also be used in some campaigns such as the one on Youtube that needs a video.

It  doesn’t show a lot of information about the application to encourage people to open the website to discover more details.

Video Concept

The main idea was to share the message from the value proposition which is:

  1. Encouraging people to read more books
  2. To show them that they have some free-time for this activity but they use it on their phone
  3. Social networks are less rewarding than books
  4. Mainlis is an essential part of the reading experience


To summarise the idea, I decided to quickly draw some storyboards.

The concept of the video:
People spend a lot of time during the day on their phone. They lose their free-time on social networks and they endure their daily life.
They are exposed to a lot of noises and they can’t really relax.

Reading with Mainlis lets people enjoy their free time. They can listen to some music and they can learn new things rather than being bored staring a screen.

Capture d’écran 2019-05-17 à 14.27.12Capture d’écran 2019-05-17 à 14.27.30Capture d’écran 2019-05-17 à 14.27.58

Video Clips and Musics

I wanted to create the video by myself. But with a bigger budget, it could be interesting to give the storyboards to professional video makers.

I took some free video clips I needed on and I made all the others by myself.

I also needed high quality sounds, so I used a rode podcast microphone to record some sounds separately. I didn’t used the ones captured with the video clips because there were some very unprofessional background noises.

I finally selected a copyright free music for the second part of the ad. It is a relaxing sound to show a contrast between the calm atmosphere around the reading time and the noisy life with smartphones.

Capture d’écran 2019-05-20 à 12.39.04.png

I added more and more sounds effects I made on the video clips to show an increasingly noisy atmosphere.


Video link

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