Part 11 – Mainlis Website

One of the main aspects of this project is the website which is here to promote the application.

My main idea was to make it simple and clear. We don’t want people have to read a lot about our product because they could decide to give up if it needs too much time to understand.

The idea of this website is to make them curious and interested. To encourage them to download the app to see more details about it.


Mood Board

The idea of this mood board was to use the picture I made which is down below.

So I decided to use simple shapes to highlight this picture and to use black and white as the main colours.

The last colour is taken from the picture, on the book located in the center of the photograph. It is a colour I used as a filter for a video I made which is an ad about Mainlis. It is also a bright colour to emphasise some important details such as the download button.



It is a single page website. I decided to make it clear and simple to highlight a video I made as an ad.
There is not a lot of text on this website. I just want to present the concept of the application and to encourage people to try it by themselves.
The same idea will be shown in the video. Users have to understand what kind of app Mainlis is but they have to download it and use it in their own way to really how it works. They have to appropriate the application.



Here is a simple mockup to show the location of the different pictures and to place colours to see if they work well together.


A Surprise for the future


In the description of the app, I will highlight 3 different points:

  1. Mainlis is an online library where you can add all the different books you have and you want
  2. This application is here to challenge people to read more and users can adapt their goals to their need
  3. There will be a new option on Mainlis in some weeks after the application release.
    Users will be able to share their readings with their friends because of a social category. They also will be able to share their challenges as already said in this article.

This last concept is a surprise for the user. To make them loyal to the application, I decided to talk about a future new category without saying what it really is.

I also decided to modify my application itself to add this future category in the homepage and a clue in the “tips” category which is made to help people to read more and to present some popular readings to them.

category_05                tip_03

Website Link

Mainlis Website

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