Part 10 – Brainstorming & Tagline

In this article, I will just show a brainstorming that summarises Mainlis’ concept.

Capture d’écran 2019-05-20 à 11.36.01

About the website

I have to highlight the concept of Mainlis on the website. So I have to talk about the 2 main categories and the future one that stays a “surprise” for the user.

It is an application used by people from all the ages, so the website has to be neutral, clear and simple.


In some situations, it is important to have a tagline to very quickly expose the idea of the application.

I decided to create two of them to include them on different supports such as a video, the website and some ad on social networks.

”Discover a new way to read.”

This tagline represents the idea that Mainlis can become essential to your reading experience.

”It is time to begin a new chapter.”

The chapter makes a reference to the chapter of a book but also a chapter of a life. It shows again the importance of Mainlis to change our way to read books. And it also presents reading as a good resolution to take.

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