UX Problem : Maì.com – Prototypes

Digital Prototype

To see if the solutions work well together, I made a quick digital prototype using the website : In Vision App.

Click here to see my prototype.

Capture d’écran 2018-12-13 à 16.36.47.png

It is a very simple looking prototype that presents the modifications I made to include all of the solutions found to improve the user experience.

It is a very helpful to visualise the future final website with all the elements in their actual colour and size.

Handmade Prototype

The handmade prototype is quite different than the digital one.
Cutting, sticking, bending, colouring, crumpling … some paper, we can add movements and volume to our prototypes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is very user-friendly and is a good way to test the project.
I will use this prototype to make a user test because it is clear and it is easy to see which actions can be done.

I also used some notes to stay organised during the user test.



User Test of the Updated Maì.com Website

I asked Lucien to use the website again with my modifications added.
I created a paper user test to simulate a real user experience.

During the test, Lucien was able to find products in stock very easily and he also found multiple ways to receive notifications when new products will be restocked.

I just left him surfing on the website giving him two tasks to complete in the order he wanted to: 1. Finding Products Available 2. Finding a way to be informed when the products will be restocked.

He was complete free to go where he wanted to and I just told him the different actions he was able to make on the different pages.


The solutions integrated on the website helped to modify and improve the user experience.

The creator still makes handmade products that take time to be produced but users have different possibilities to know when articles are restocked and where to find the ones that are currently in stock.





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