UX Problem: Maì.com – Decision Matrix

Our UX issue translated in users behaviour

To identify the UX problem, I asked questions to different types of users. It has emerged a  general opinion about the problem of the sold out products.

It is impossible to drastically increase the quantity produced. So, I have to change the users behaviour and feeling when they are confronted with sold out articles.

I must encourage them to come back and show them that is easy to obtain these unique products with just a bit of patience.
I have to highlight the fact that everything is handmade and that the creator is constantly working on pieces to supply the website.
It would also emphasise the “newly made” aspect of these original creations.

So now, I will represent a typical user research on Maì.com with its current interface:Maì.com Task flow.png

And there is the type of Tasks flow we would like to achieve:

Maì.com new behaviour.png

There is a possibility to know how to obtain the sold out products. It encourages users to come back on the website.
They still leave the website because of the sold out issue but it is significantly more likely that they would visit Maì.com again to buy a product.

Solutions to answer to the UX issue

A- Changing the aesthetics of the products information:
The white filter + the sold out logo hide the product itself and users could think they can’t buy this article anymore.
Dots of different colours for different states:
– Sold out (when a product has just been sold OR when it will not be available anymore {to leave for a short period to inform people})
– Restock soon (when a product will be restocked)
– In progress (when a product is in production and will be restocked very soon)
– Available
idea 1.jpg

B- Sending emails when a wanted product is available: form available in every product page with a required email to write down + a “send me an email when this product is available” button to valid.
idea 2.jpg

C- heart button to add to our favourites: Needs to create accounts on the website to add Favourites section and register emails
idea 3.jpg

D- Creating an application for the shop and sending a notification when a product is available
idea 4.jpg

E- Creating a “sort by” section/a page with just the available products
idea 5.jpg

F- Web Push Notifications: Web push notifications allow users to opt-in to timely updates from sites they love and allow you to effectively re-engage them with customized, relevant content (Joseph Medley)
Maì.com could send notifications to users when products are restocked
idea 6.jpg

G- Using in a better way the existing “Next Restock” section:
when users click on the page, they could create a reminder with the date of restock to their calendar ( Google or computer calendar )
idea 9.jpgidea  7.jpg

H- Moving the “Next Restock” section on the top of the Homepage to make it more visible
idea 8.jpg

Decision Matrix

To begin, it is important to list every idea and compare them all.
For that, it exists two important criteria to take into consideration:
Importance and Feasibility

We have to give a vote between 1 and 5 to each solution to highlight the most relevant ideas.

Indeed, we naturally would like to find fast, simple and efficient solutions to a given problem.

Here is the table, showing every idea and its importance/feasibility:


Because of this table, we can see we use 31 points of Importance in total and 24 points of Feasibility in total.

After that, it is important to make a graph to have a clear view on the solutions to choose:


To establish which solutions to take, we need to use the middle score calculation:
3 x number of opportunities = 3 x 8 = 24 points available.

The solutions A, B, E, F and represent 24 points of Importance and I have enough points of Feasibility to achieve all these ideas.

A, E and are part of the “Include or Die” section and B and F of the “Strongly Consider” section.

Furthermore, AE and H are simple and fast ideas to implement that gives more time to make the solutions and F relevant and well-made.


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