UX Problem: Maì.com – User Personas

Creating a User Persona

To make my user personas, I used all the information available about the users:

  • I went on social medias to see reviews about Maì.com
  • I made a user test with a new visitor that doesn’t know the brand
  • I talked on Instagram with a regular user that knows the brand really well
  • I made empathy maps to understand the users and use their experience to create an efficient solution to their problem
  • I identified a UX issue which is currently the main and only real problem noticed by the users

Amber – 17 years old

Amber is a young woman that loves using Youtube. She already knew Marzia before the creation of Maì.com and she really would like to buy some products of the brand to support Marzia and to get an article from one of her favorite influencers.

She often goes on the website to check if articles are restocked but she always miss them because of her studies. She feels very frustrated to always miss the restocks and begins to think that it is impossible to access to Marzia’s products.

She is always at school during the restocks or working her homework at home.

She would like a more efficient interface to know quickly and easily if articles are available when she opens the website.


Shannon – 26 years old

She doesn’t know Marzia, however, she fell in love with some of her clay pots.

She really would like to buy some of them, but she doesn’t want to lose time keeping an eye on Maì.com.

So, if products are not available during her first or second visit, she will just abandon and will try to find something else to replace the pots.

So it is very important, for this kind of new visitor, to change the interface for something clearer about products and their availability.


With these user personas, it is easier to make an efficient response to the most important issue noticed by the users.

I know who I am designing for.

Know I have to answer to this considerable question:

How to remove this feeling of frustration about the unavailable products without changing the quantity produced ? 



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